Why use a mortgage agent?


What does a mortgage agent do for you? What's the benefit in seeking an independent professional as opposed to visiting your bank?


Take a look below at the top reasons to use a mortgage agent.

Access to a Large Variety of Lenders & Institutions


Not only can I find you a great rate – one that is often better than your bank’s posted rates – but also a deal structure that is personally suited to you, whether it be from a Chartered Bank, Trust or Insurance Company, or Private Lender.

We're Independent, Trained Professionals


As a mortgage agent, I am a specialist. That means that I am trained specifically in the mortgage field, am 100% dedicated to home financing, and am required to keep up-to-date on changing policies and lender offers on a daily basis. 

I Work for you, Not the Bank


At the end of the day, my focus is on your needs first, not the bank’s revenue targets. What more can I say?

You have No Obligation


Mortgage agents don’t use contracts or operate exclusively. You can have a conversation with me about your financial position and mortgage needs without any cost or obligation. 

We Have a Vested Interest in Satisfying your Needs


Mortgage agents like myself rely on referrals and repeat business – so whatever your needs, you can bet I’ll find a way to satisfy them!

My Strong Lender Relationships Work in Your Favour


Myself and my team have developed relationships with our large variety of lenders over a number of years that allow us access to both products and rates that aren’t available through conventional sources.

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