FAQ: What's the home buying process?

10 Steps to Home Ownership with Joe and Nina

Say hi to Joe and Nina! They have their downpayment and now they’re ready to buy a home. Congratulations, you two! Buying a home is a big step and that’s why they have a 10 point plan to buy smart!

Be Prepared! Learn more about the home buying process with this comprehensive guide.


In this guide, you'll learn:


  • The details of a mortgage pre-approval, what it means, and what information and documentation you'll need to be prepared

  • The total costs of purchasing a new home above and beyond the obvious, with a bonus monthly cashflow worksheet

  • What are acceptable forms of downpayment and how much you'll need

  • What you'll need to know before contacting a realtor and starting your home search, including a worksheet for "must-haves"

  • Details on the process of making an offer on your new home

  • and much, much more!